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Coming Auctions (keep watching for details)


You have the opportunity to help grant a soldier’s wish
by bidding on items at a special auction
this Saturday night March 24th in Manchester.

It’s all part of the Soldier’s Wish organization
which Manchester veteran Larry Beaman is involved with.

Beaman says they’ve been able to grant the wishes of three soldiers in Iowa so far…

This Saturday night’s event benefitting Soldier’s Wish is primarily an auction,
which will be held at Hart Ridge Golf Course starting at 7 pm.

There will lots of items up for bidding, and
the public is welcome to come early to check everything out.

For more information contact Larry at 563 929-6504.
Monetary donations are also being accepted at Citizens State Bank in Manchester.


April 25th
An outstanding real estate auction
22.44 acres bare land
92.08 acres bare land
selling in 2 parcels

near Hopkinton, Iowa

early May (date to be determined)
Earlville Home & Personal Property
real estate selling in 2 parcels

May 5th
Pride In Your Ride Auction
Earlville, Iowa

Other auctions currently in the discussion stages including one farm

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

     I was born in 1946 and am a 2nd generation auctioneer (my father Wesley started in the auction business in 1947).  I started my auction career in 1973 and as difficult as it is to believe I have been in the auction business longer than my father.

     In his early career in 1 section of land there could be as many as 8 to 10 farming families (farming 40 to 80 acres each).  Due to the vast numbers there could be 30 to 60 farm machinery auctions each year in just one county.  Today there may be 1 farming family living in 8 to 10 sections while the other houses & buildings have been sold to people working in town ..... or maybe even torn down.

     In my early career, let's say mid 1970's, there weren't as many family farms but it would still be normal each year from October to March to conduct 15 or 20 machinery auctions.  This was the time the "greatest generation" was retiring  ...... it was also the time we started losing many of the "greatest generation" which also made for some interesting auctions since many still had the possessions they started with because they were "keepers" unlike today's "throw it out society".

     In the mid 1970's through the mid perhaps late 1980's while in partnership with my father I can remember in the same calendar year having 17 auctions in 14 days ..... and in that same year going 59 days without an auction!  Go figure!

     My son David joined me in the auction business in 1994 and as we've fast forwarded many things have changed including what you're now doing as you read this ..... THE INTERNET.  It has brought the whole world to your front doorstep and has changed all phases of personal life and business.  Prior to the internet if you wanted to buy a VAC Case Tractor or a round oak table about the only time you could buy one was when your neighbor had an auction.  Today, you can go on line and probably find scores of them for sale.  I can remember the time when someone attended one of our auctions from 150 miles away ........... now we've sold items to people in New York!
A Trusted Local Name
Providing National Exposure
Since 1947
     You may look at this page periodically and not see auctions listed.  That doesn't mean nothing is happening.  We're in the auction business full time including 70 + auctions annually at Manchester Livestock Auction and at various times of the year we're in the background preparing details of upcoming auctions.
We firmly believe in service.  We firmly believe a successful auction is planned not just hoped for.  We treat your auction as if it were our own giving attention to all the details while coordinating every phase with you .... after all we're your hired hands and you are our boss.
We have a proven track record with farm land and residential or commercial real estate and also personal property auctions.
Call us to set up and no obligation visit discussing our services and we'll gladly provide you with references so you can hear what our clients will say ..... not just what we say.
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Auction ... The Sound That Moves Millions .....
Both People & Dollars

If you're thinking of having an auction
we'd be most happy to visit with you
on a confidential - no obligation basis
and let you decide.



          In the early stages of several auctions
including real estate & personal property