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One of the most important days in your financial life
deserves full time attention

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A Trusted Local Name
Providing National Exposure
Since 1947

Over my 43+ years in the auction business
I can remember conducting 17 auctions in 14 days
(which was before Manchester Livestock Auction)
in that same calendar year going 59 days between auctions!

It was during that time the "Greatest Generation" was retiring or moving
and that generation were keepers which made for very interesting auctions weekly.

We've now lost the largest portion of the "Greatest Generation"
and the current generation is NOT the keepers like their parents.
When you combine that with Ebay, Garage Sales, Auction Houses
and many other factors, there are certainly less auctions to attend.

The same is kinda true of farm retirement auctions.  When my father
started in the auction business in 1947, after getting established, he
would conduct 40 to 60 retirement machinery auctions annually .....
and only from November to the end of February
since most farmers were renters, not land owners.
That was also in the time when each section probably had 4 to perhaps 6 farmsteads.
Today there might only be 4 ag producers in 6 sections!

What does this mean ....... Less Auctions!!!!!!

However, we're proud to say we might be the oldest
continuous family auction business in northeast Iowa
combining old fashion service with modern day technology .......
and we still sell auctions including 80 auctions annually at Manchester Livestock Auction.

If you're thinking of having an auction
we'd be most happy to visit with you
on a confidential - no obligation basis
and let you decide.