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224.06 Taxable Acres
Bare Land
Offered in 3 Parcels
Delaware County, Iowa
Farm Land



NOVEMBER 9, 2017
10:00 AM

George M. & Mary M. Knipp
Revocable Vivos Trust

Auction to be held at
Manchester Livestock Auction
1624 220th Street Manchester, Iowa
just north and east of the junction of Highway 20 and Highway 13


We are very pleased to be chosen to conduct this auction on behalf of the Knipp/Reidy family.  Inasmuch as this land has been in the Knipp name for decades it has been a difficult decision.  However, all the children are grown and none are involved in farming so it's been agreed to now change ownership and history.  Each tract has it's own unique features including being located near to this strong county seat town.  We strongly suggest you give this your serious consideration so you can take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Land Located
In Coffins Grove Township
just west of Manchester

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Assessor Aerial All Parcels

Parcel 1 (45.85 Taxable Acres) accessed by Early Stage Coach Road & also adjacent on the south is 210th Street with what appears to be one access (Old Highway 20) just west of Manchester Airport.


Parcel 2 (117.78 taxable acres) is west of Parcel 1 and south of 210th Street fronted on the north by 210th Street (Old Highway 20) and also fronted on the west by 145th Avenue.


Parcel 3 (60.43 taxable acres) is approximately 3/4 mile south of Parcel 2 bordered on the east by 145th Avenue and also on the south by 220th Street (this is in the area locally referred to as Windy Pines).

Informational Signs On Property


Per Delaware County, Iowa Assessor 45.85 taxable acres located in 25 of Coffins Grove Township access from Early Stage Coach Road with what appears to be one access from 210th Street (old Highway 20).  A high producing tract of land located just west of the Manchester Airport with what appears to be many possibilities in addition to farming.  Agri Data shows a fantastic weighted CSR2 of 88.4 and CSR of 81.5.  FSA data shows 41.37 tillable acres, corn PLC yield 136, PLC soybean yield 49.  At this time this parcel at FSA is combined with Parcel 2.  No CRP acres.  Annual real estate taxes currently $1,674.00.

Parcel 1 Agri Data Soils


Parcel 1 & 2 FSA Aerial


Parcel 1 & 2 FSA 156



Per Delaware County, Iowa Assessor 117.78 taxable acres located in Sections 35 & 36 of Coffins Grove Township (west of Parcel 1 south of 210th Street) partially accessed on the north by 210th Street and bordered on the west by 145th Avenue.  This property is divided by the railroad with tillable land on both sides plus trees.  Agri Data shows a weighted CSR2 of 44.6 and CSR of 44.2.  FSA data shows 98.93 tillable acres, corn PLC yield 136, PLC soybean yield 49.  At this time this parcel at FSA is combined with Parcel 1. No CRP acres.  Annual real estate taxes currently $2,164.00.  Access to Parcel 2:  There are more than one access points on 210th Street into the land north of the railroad tracks ........ additionally when land & buildings @ 1512 210th Street was sold from the Knipps to Tom & Pam Sellner, the recorded real estate contract states "Sellers reserve the right to enter upon and cross over this real estate to gain access to Sellers' real estate."  This has been followed on a "good neighbor basis".  Additonally, through the kindness of "being a good neighbor" from Bill and Donna Scanlon there has been a verbal agreement for access over their land (northwest corner just south of the railroad tracks) to the Knipp/Reidy land south of the railroad tracks.  This verbal agreement is now being made into a formal easement and should be available by sale day.

Parcel 2 Agri Data Soils



Per Delaware County, Iowa Assessor 60.43 taxable acres (includes 5.45 acres FRR and 2.0 acres cons/wl) in Section 35 of Coffins Grove Township (approximately 3/4 mile south of Parcel 2) bordered on the east by 145th Avenue and on the south by 220th Street.  Agri Data shows a fantastic weighted 85.4 CSR2 and CSR of 75.1.  FSA data shows 51.45 acres Effective DCP Cropland, Corn Base 37.66 with PLC yield 136, Soybean Base 13.79 with PLC yield 49. No CRP acres. A high producing tract.  Annual real estate taxes currently $1,860.00.

 update.gif (1811 bytes) Click here for map of 5.45 acres FRR and 2.0 acres cons w/l (wildlife habitat).

In conversations with Delaware County Assessor Office it is our understanding FRR and cons w/l can be removed and therefore placed back on the tax rolls.  In any event, upon recording of the deed for this parcel, you (as the new owner) will be required to go to the Delaware County Assessor Office and sign papers to continue or discontinue.  Further, we've been informed if you want to make a driveway through the Forest Reserve and/or the Wildlife Habitat, it is permissible to do so as long as you don't disturb a major portion.  We recommend you verify this information at the Delaware County Assessor's Office as part of your "finding of fact" as stated in the Auction Terms below.


Parcel 3 Agri Data Soils


Parcel 3 FSA 156


Parcel 3 FSA Aerial


Cash Sale.   Bidding will be by the acre times the taxable acres in each parcel.  Parcels will be offered with the highest Buyer's right to select one or more parcels at the bid price. If the high bidder selects only one parcel, the selection of remaining parcels will be offered to the contending bidder at the high bid. In the event the contending bidder elects not to purchase, the remaining parcels will be offered at auction in the same manner.


The highest bidder will pay $50,000.00 sale day as irrevocable earnest money for each parcel and will sign a Written Confirmation Of Sale Of Real Estate At Public Auction (purchase agreement) which will call for the unpaid balance to be paid in full on delivery of deed and merchantable abstract of title.  In the event of one purchaser for multiple parcels only one abstract of title will be provided for each purchaser.


Possession upon delivery of deed, merchantable abstract and final settlement subject to the 2017 cropland lease. The 2017 tenant was timely notified of lease termination and by agreement may vacate the lease upon completion of the 2017 harvest.  Seller retains 100% of the 2017 cropland rent.


The real estate tax installment due March 30, 2018 and all prior will be paid by the Seller and the remaining real estate taxes will be prorated to the date of settlement.  Closing will occur at the offices of Waterhouse Realty & Auctioneers acting as Seller's Agent only @ 1624 220th Street, Manchester, Iowa.


Purchase is made without buyer contingency of any kind and is based solely on purchaser's judgment selling "as is where is with all faults and/or merits known or unknown, seen or unseen".  All measurements, descriptions, and other details have been obtained from sources deemed reliable.  Verification of any or all items are considered to be made by prospective purchaser's finding of facts, both off & on premises.  The Seller, Seller's Legal Counsel and Fiduciaries, and the Auction Firm assume no liability for errors and/or omissions. Land is selling subject to easements of record including but not limited to roads, railroad, and utilities.


Final sale of any or all parcels is subject to confirmation of the owner, however, we strongly suggest you do your fact finding, make your financial arrangements, and attend this auction prepared to be the new owner.


Not Responsible For Accidents Or Theft Anytime

Auction ............. The Sound That Moves Millions, Both People & Dollars

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